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Whether you’re getting together with a group of friends, or hosting an unforgettable dinner, Estancia Vineyards is there to heighten your dining experience. Elegantly crafted, these wines offer story, character, and quality to the Art of Entertaining.

A couple examines a selection of wines

To ensure a successful party, it’s important to have enough wine. On average, each guest drinks about one glass an hour. So, to find out how many servings you will need, just multiply the number of guests by the number of hours.

Example: 5 guests x 2 hours = 10 servings

When you go to stock up, remember that each 750ml wine bottle contains 5 servings, while a 1.5 L wine bottle contains 10 servings.

A set of 4 wine glasses and plates

When serving wine, use the 20-minute rule!

For a bottle of white wine, place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and remove it 20 minutes before serving.

For red wine, place it in the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving and remove when it’s time to serve.

If you don’t have enough refrigerator space, place the bottle in an ice bucket filled with ice and water for about 20 minutes.

4 different types of wine glasses

Using the right glass is important when serving wine. The right glass will bring out the best color, aroma, and flavors of the varietal you are serving and enhance the wine drinking experience!

A corkscrew

  • Using the small knife on your corkscrew, cut the foil beneath the lip of the bottle
  • Remove the foil from the bottle
  • Hold the bottle by the neck and insert the screw slightly off-center into the cork
  • Slowly turn corkscrew clockwise into the cork, about 7 turns
  • Place the lever of the corkscrew onto the rim of the bottle
  • Slowly lift handle until corkscrew is removed
Wine being poured into a wine glass

  • When pouring wine, leave the glass on the table
  • Pour the wine toward the center of the glass—sparkling wine should be poured against the sides
  • Fill each glass no more than ⅔ full, this leaves room for swirling
  • When ending each pour, twist the bottle to control dripping
  • Be sure to keep your guests’ glasses full