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Opening Wine

Entertaining Tip: Opening Wine

How to open a wine bottle:

  1. With the small knife on your good corkscrew, cut the capsule cleanly beneath the lip of the bottle. Rotate the bottle as you cut.
  2. Hold the bottle by the neck and insert the tip of the corkscrew at an angle and slightly off center. Turn the corkscrew until it is fully into the cork.
  3. Hook the lever of the corkscrew onto the rim of the bottle. Hold the lever in place with the thumb of the hand that is holding the bottle. Lift up the corkscrew in one firm slow motion until the cork is fully extracted.

If you are hosting a large party or are serving multiple wines, open enough wine just before you get ready to pour so you have enough for everyone.

Depending on the size of your gathering, you may want to have both red and white wines available so your guests can choose. Regardless of tradition, people tend to have favorites and will enjoy having a choice.