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How Much To Buy

Entertaining Tip: How Much To Buy

There is a simple formula to determine the right amount of wine you will need to ensure a successful party.

  1. Determine the number of guests that will be coming to your event.
  2. Take the number of guests and multiply by the number of hours the party is intended to last. This will give you the average number of servings you will need.
    • Number of Guests x Number of hours = Number of Servings
    • Example: 5 guests x 2 hours = 10 Servings
  3. Once you know the number of servings you’ll need, you can then calculate the amount of wine to purchase based on the number of servings in each bottle size:
    • 750ml bottle = 5 servings
    • 1.5L bottle = 10 servings
    • 3L bottle = 20 servings
    • Example: If you need 10 servings, you could purchase either two 750ml bottles or one 1.5L bottle